7 Blogs For Your Daily Dose Of Trends & Gadgets

Are you hungry for new cool things? Do you get a little excited telling people about the cool new toy you saw blogged about today? Are you continually fascinated by new habits, artistic innovations and trends that pop up throughout the world? Well, here’s some great blogs to add to your RSS reader. If you even have a vague interest in upcoming trends and gadgets, you’ve probably already heard of Boing Boing, Gizmodo and Engadget “” if not, add those too! We’re now going to add another 10 great trend-watching blogs you will love to your daily reading list.


PSFK is a blog about business trends and innovations, so it regularly gets into gadgets and other interesting trends. For some idea of the variety, recent articles involved 3D holograms, urban farming and bird-house roof tiles as well as industry speakers discussing trends in creativity and crowdsourcing. There’s something for everyone here!


Springwise is mainly written with entrepreneurs in mind. Now, don’t just subscribe to this feed “” bookmark it and regularly take a browse! This site is divided into twenty different categories of ideas. On the one page, they are each highlighted beautifully, meaning you can browse the most recent titles of all categories and delve into your favourites easily.

This blog is brimming with eco-ideas, education, lifehacks, tourism trends, entertainment, fashion, food and many more interesting things.

Josh Spear

Josh Spear is all about cool gadgets and trends. There’s a huge range of items covered “” from pretty new bags, books and artwork right across to tech gear and limited edition screen-printed posters made with oil from the Gulf of New Mexico. You never know what’s up next!


Trendspotting has three main sections: Design, Lifestyle and Eco. Basically, they’re covering technology, furniture, and gadgets “” even offbeat innovations like jello cups! Always a fascinating read here.


Coolhunting is a little bit of everything, served with a smile. Gadgets, design, pretty things, sunglasses and chocolate “” if it’s cool then these guys will probably find it! The site is full of bright, colourful photos to get you inspired and feeling creative yourself.

Trend Central

Trend Central covers things people are doing around the world which are really at the forefront of a great idea. For instance, ballet performed to The Shins and savoury cupcakes. Wait? Bacon cupcakes! Why didn’t the internet think of that before?

Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is more focused on fashion, style and art. But that doesn’t mean that you could in any way predict what’s coming next! Take a browse around the awesome thumbnail gallery and you’ll see that it’s full of weird, quirky and amazing things.

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